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Get your trucks loaded! The SuperBoard™ is the easiest to use and most affordable of all truck load boards. The SuperBoard is one of the best load boards because it is extremely easy to search all freight loads on our boards. And for just $5 a month, truckers get complete access to all contact information for every posted load in our system and shippers and freight brokers can post all the loads they want! No one can beat that!


Easy to Use!
The SuperBoard™ is fast and easy to use with time-saving and convenient features truckers, shippers and brokers are looking for.

Load Details
Details include: Origin, Destination, Pick-Up Date, Equipment Type, Poster Type (Trucker, Broker, Shipper), Contact Details (Name, Phone, Email), TL or LTL, Load Length, Weight, Payment $, Flat Rate, Pickup Time, Drop Date, Drop Time, # of Drops, Qty of Loads, Team Driver Needed, Hazmat, Commodity, Extra Notes.

Search Loads by City, State, Zip Code
You have the option to search by any one or all of these criteria plus load type (see below). That's the SuperBoard!

Search by Load Type
Search by FTL (full Truck Load) or LTL (less than load) and/or truck type. You can enter any number of search parameters. Of course the more you define your search, the better match you will find.

Post Loads for $5/month
Freight Brokers, Manufacturers, Distributors and other shippers post their loads for just $5/month on The SuperBoard! Unlimited posts!

Load Contact Details for $5/month
Trucking companies and owner operators can get complete access to all contact information included with the over 30,000 daily loads on The SuperBoard for just $5 a month! Try to beat this deal!

Type of Poster
Identifies if the post is from a Trucker, Broker or Shipper.

Date & Time Stamp on Posts
All posts are date and time stamped, so you know how fresh they are.

Email and Phone Support
Need assistance? Never fear! The SuperBoard comes with FREE email and phone customer service and tech support. Email us at or call us at 1-877-730-1942.

No Software to Install
The SuperBoard is completely internet based. So there's nothing to install, download, update or back-up.

24/7 Access
The SuperBoard never sleeps! Access it from any computer in the world, at any time of day or night.

Real-Time Access
The SuperBoard posts all loads the moment they're entered. And that's when you see them.

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